Saturday, April 9, 2016



This blog originally started in 2007 as a place for me to post my thoughts on various things related to computer technology and games. But as I've grown older, my tastes and interests have changed considerably, and to be honest, I lost the gaming mojo quite a few years ago.

Once I hit 50, something inside me changed. Call it manopause or what have you, but the fact remains that my interests started changing almost overnight. I became more opinionated and more outspoken on social issues both at work and in my private life, which is not always a good thing. So this Blog is to be my outlet, my own little den of self reflection and insight.

The intent of this Blog is not to change anyone's opinion on any particular subject, but to be an informative source of factual information supported by lively discussion and opinion. Feel free to comment, as the exchange of ideas and opinions is what drives us to excel and increase our understanding of the world at large. To protect identities and to foster comment feedback, anonymous comments are enabled, but be warned, any personal attacks or attempts to derail the conversation topic will result in your comment(s) being deleted.

The topics I will offer for discussion will be supported by source information in the form of quotes and the supporting links/information containing them. Also, there may be information presented in the form of statistics and/or polls along with their source links.

Thank you for taking the time to share in my thoughts and enjoy your stay!

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